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Welcome here.

I’m a french illustrator working as a freelancer since 2004.
I mainly work for youth publishers and boardgame industry.

I also do storyboards for advertising agencies.

Illustrated Games

2018 : Dungeonlandpublished by Mage Company

2017 : Burglarspublished by Mage Company

2016 : The Cohortpublished by Mage Company

2015 : Jolly Rogerpublished by Arès Games

2015 : El Capitanpublished by Gigamic

2014 : Wakandapublished by Blue Orange

2013 : Card of the Deadpublished by  AEG

2013 : Lemmingepublished by Amigo Spiele

2012 : Auf die Nüsse, published by Amigo Spiele

2011 : Cherokee, published by White Goblin Games

2010 : Le Marché de Samarkand, published by KND éditions

2009 : Glen More, published by Aleaspiele

2008: Machi (wich I created), published by Tilsit

Illustrated Books

2017 : My Friend Andypublished by Oxford

2016 : Wile E Coyote Clang Experiments with Magnetismpublished by Capstone

2015 : Autobiographies You Never Thought You’d Read! The Tooth Fairypublished by Raintree

2015 : Autobiographies You Never Thought You’d Read! The Loch Ness, published by Arès Games





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  • Skype: shishiko


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